Irene & Brad Politi

"My husband and I went on a couple of interviews with some of the photographers around the area… We were feeling people's personalities out, price, quality of photos, and package deals... we did not connect/click with anyone really... We needed someone who was very upbeat, and had a specific style with taking photos at weddings and was very easy to get along with, since we were going to book someone for maximum amount of hours....

Brad and I totally hit it off with Doug once we met him at a local Starbucks! He is totally laid back, professional, and provides great quality/price photos! I would so recommend him for anyone !!! He's an amazing guy and he's easily reachable via text, cell, email.. super fast service!! :) 

He is also definitely very creative and he doesn't need directions... He did his thing at the wedding, arrived right on time and went about doing his thing... He took so many photos of the venue and of us and our guests! We were super pleased with the demo photos, the way he captured the scenery, us and the guests... I can't wait to see all 2500 photos..!! "


Heather & Chris Van Bergen

"I was planning a wedding within a three month time frame to accommodate my sick father. I sent an email request and he called me back within that hour. Doug was so receptive of our needs... He really put me at ease, and I knew our photography was set. Over the course of time, my father passed away and our needs for the wedding shifted; Doug was flexible and helpful in making any adjustments. On the actually wedding day itself, Chris and I felt so comfortable with him that we couldn't have been happier with him and his services. Within a week, he finished the photos, and they were priceless. We couldn't imagine our wedding without Doug, since he made such an impact in our special night. We will surely choose him again for any event in our future. Thank you Doug!!"

Becky & Nick

"Doug was the best! We looked at a bunch of different photographers' websites initially. Doug was my favorite from the beginning, but we called several others since we had no idea where to begin and wanted a frame of reference. Even in our initial communications, it was very clear to us that Doug was going to be a lot easier to deal with than many of the others.. and having the copyright to the photos is also really convenient. The pictures he took were better than we hoped for. He took some really creative shots and caught some very special moments - yes, he got the first dance, first kiss, etc. - but he also captured the way my grandmother held my hand, the joy of an exuberant little girl on the dance floor, and all the other non-obvious moments that say so much. We literally did not even know he was there when he was taking most of the pictures. We looked through the pictures and repeatedly asked each other how he could have taken that shot because we didn't remember him being there. Our families are extremely pleased with Doug's work and everyone liked him. And even though I have this long list of post-wedding things to do, I get caught up in looking through the photos over and over again."